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Sho Proishodit?:


How Is It Going So Far?:

going, going... na tebe, poluchi!

Problema: spat' hochu...ochen' spat' hochu

Sho mogno sdelat' shob ne hotelos' spat'. Varianti:

  • popit' kofe
  • :-)
  • poiti v sportzal
  • :-(
  • poshopitsa
  • ;-)
  • posmotret' photki po sovetu Vadika
  • :-)
  • samiy posledniy, kogda niche ne pomoget,-pospat'
  • :-)

    Vaduha i Lizun

    Modern Mom ... All scheduled on the clock, and the child lives strictly according to schedule.
    Now if Mom and sing lullabies to her baby songs, only to put him to sleep. And often, instead of just a lullaby is quiet music, or a child falls asleep to the sound of the TV.
    In today's world, where stores overwhelmed developing toys, few mothers are aware of the importance of lullaby as a means of child development and communicate with him. Meanwhile, specialists: the children, who in childhood did not sing lullabies songs are less successful in life and are more likely to suffer from mental disorders.
    The psychologists conducted a study in which the observed two groups of children.Kids from the first group of mothers singing lullabies songs, kids second, instead of just lullabies included quiet music. The results were surprising and impressive. Children from the first group were more calm, obedient, intellectual development. Psychologists explain such results for several reasons. One of the most important - it is a special emotional relationship between mother and baby. After all, Mom, ubayukivaya child, leaves him far from the cradle of all accrued per day of anxiety and unrest, completely turned to him, send him their warmth and tenderness, tenderly stroke baby. The kid sees her intonation, the tone of her voice, a native and favorite, which gives him a feeling of warmth and security, it is very important for the completion of the day and quiet sleep. Therefore, if the mother is not confident in their musical abilities, this is no reason to deprive a baby lullabies songs before bedtime.
    Incomparably more important emotional message that it sends a child. Interestingly, the lullaby song of all the peoples of the world have similar features: a high tone, slow pace and the characteristic intonation. But in the song of every people a lot of their "secrets": in them is their philosophy and their approach to life, the stress in words obey his rhythmic pattern, they reflect a generalized model of the universe of his people, to which the child is the first time acquainted with the world.

    Varianti Resheniya Problemi:

    1. poprobovat vse po-ocheredi
    2. poprobovat chto-to odno, esli ne poluchaetsa-mogno sdavatsa
    3. srazu bez golovniaka zavalitsa spat' :-)

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